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November 04, 2008


Gahnzo from St. Paul

Pelosi notes that the House bill is historic in that it gives, for the first time, tax rebates or child tax credits to low-income people, even if they don't pay income tax. The rebates are based, instead, on payroll taxes, including FICA contributions such as Social Security.

"All things considered, NPR Feb, 2008"

Isn't that great, even if you don't pay or contribute ANYTHING to the government coffers, you still get a check...Funny Nancy Pelosi said that the Republicans were going to bankrupt the country. And now Pelosi is talking about ANOTHER stimulus package? As Samuel L. Jackson said in a movie.... "Hold on to yur butts!" Because if you work and pay taxes, Obama is going to take a lot more and "spread it around". I for one am tired of the Politicians "spreading it around". I'd rather they quit the bickering and all of the "investigations" and get down to the business at hand and FIX THIS COUNTRY....

gratis verzekering

I am a great fan of obama.I acknowledge his stronge and workable ideology. I hope his reconstructive plans gets economy back on track soon.

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